Fighting hair loss during cancer, because it matters.

NORDHELM is a danish startup that was founded at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Our mission is to help alleviate the worry of breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, by utilizing a currently in-development scalp cooling system to reduce or eliminate hair loss.

We are still in the early stages of our journey, and are working on developing our solution and business within the Skylab Incubator. 


is it important?

Every year, more than 2 million people are diagnosed with breast cancer. A number estimated to continue to climb going forward. Luckily, more and more people survive this disease. Unfortunately, the cure carries a wealth of side-effects that at times might seem as bad or worse than the disease. 

One side-effect commonly cited as among the most traumatic, is hair loss. Something 65% of breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy experience. Hair is something deeply personal, and losing it as a side-effect of the life saving chemotherapy you are undergoing to beat cancer is truly brutal. 

There exist ways to reduce or fully eliminate hair loss as a side-effect, but these are not sufficient to help everyone due to a lack of accessibility and affordability. NORDHELM is here to change that, and help contribute to reaching the Sustainable Development Goals by contributing to SDG 3: Good health and well-being.


does it work?

The patient's scalp is cooled down using a scalp cooling cap fitted to their head

The cooling suppresses the metabolism of the hair follicles and reduces blood flow to them

The local uptake of chemotherapy drugs is reduced in the hair follicles, reducing damage or death


are we doing?

A transportable scalp cooling device that gives everyone everywhere the opportunity to choose to fight hair loss due to chemotharapy

Hair loss does not discriminate, but at present scalp cooling therapy is not available to everyone.

NORDHELM is breaking the barriers that inhibit scalp cooling from being an opportunity for everyone.


is behind

Frederik DJ

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Tobias Bernhardt

Product design & implementation

Enrico Beradone

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For us to make the best possible solution and help as many people as possible, we want to hear all your input and work together to do more than what we can alone. If you want to get in touch, or just leave your thoughts please use the box below to do so.